Dutch for foreign Employees

Dutch for foreign employees

Work processes run more smoothly if employees quickly understand and follow work instructions, are able to share information and ask for help if things are not clear. The working atmosphere and mutual involvement improve if employees can communicate with each other


  • Work processes run more smoothly
  • Working becomes safer
  • Work atmosphere is improving
  • Mutual involvement is growing

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The Dutch course for foreign employees teaches students the basics of the Dutch language in three months. They learn to use familiar words and simple sentences. Safety in the workplace is also discussed. Everything is aimed at simplifying communication with other colleagues and making work processes run more smoothly.

The course is supplemented with what is important to you, for example company standards, specific terminology, work culture and / or safety instructions. The basis for these extra lessons is formed by video recordings in your company.

For whom

The course is intended for employees from Poland or Romania, for whom a basic knowledge of the Dutch language is required to work well and pleasantly in the Netherlands. Participants are expected to have completed high school education and have computer skills. Other languages of origin on request!

Course content

The course consists of three modules, in which vocabulary and grammar is offered around recognizable themes. What has been learned is immediately applicable.

Module 1 :

Introduce yourself, invite someone and describe people.

Module 2 :

Describe the house, make appointments (days of the week, times), food and drink

Module 3 :

Cccupations and work, traffic and travel, illness and doctor's visit

In an extra lesson we will discuss, among other things, working safely. Your wishes can be processed in this lesson.

Study method and guidance

The course is online and can be offered in company, with a computer room and fixed teaching times, as well as by participants at home, at their own pace. The course material is available 24/7, which means that studying is always possible, even outside working hours, in the evenings and during the weekend. The system keeps track of how much time the student is busy with the curriculum. In all cases there is contact with the teacher and fellow students via interactive lessons.

Each lesson consists of lesson videos and a rich range of online teaching methods. Contact with the teacher - who speaks the native language of the student - is via interactive lessons.

Study duration and conclusion

The course lasts three months. If the study result is sufficient, the student will receive a Certificate of Participation after completion.

The benefits at a glance

- The basis of the Dutch language and working in the Netherlands in three months
- Tailor-made for your company
- Online, so flexible
- All course material available 24/7 throughout the year
- Personal, involved bilingual teacher guides the student through the entire process
- Unique blended learning system: remotely, not with distance
- Studying abroad beforehand as preparation for deployment in the Netherlands is possible
- Support with setting up a learning lab in the Netherlands or country of origin (For employers)

What does the course look like?

  • Three months, three modules
  • Online, so flexible
  • Interactive lessons by a bilingual teacher
  • Focused on practice: being able to introduce yourself, giving simple descriptions, working safely
  • Focus on reading, listening and speaking

What we Offer

  • Short, intensive course
  • Level A1 (understanding and use of familiar words and short sentences)
  • Extra attention for working safely
  • Tailor-made for your company if desired
  • The course can be given in class, in company
  • Dutch in one week (five days of lessons) - from beginners to advanced
  • Initially for Polish and Romanian employees, other languages on request


A short, intensive course in which exactly what employees need to understand instructions and assignments at work and to be able to have simple conversations with colleagues.


The guidance is provided by bilingual teachers who are personally involved in the learning process and know exactly where the problems of the Dutch language lie.


We offer extra lessons about safety in the workplace and everything that an employer finds important, from corporate culture to specific terminology. These lessons can be adjusted per employer or branch.


Differences in (work) culture can lead to unnecessary misunderstanding. Our teachers know these differences and discuss them with their students. This makes the work process smoother.