Intensive Language Courses

Intensive language courses

For those who want to experience all the possibilities of the Netherlands as a student from abroad, knowledge of the Dutch language is indispensable. With our intensive courses you can call yourself 'independent language user' within a year, which means that you can manage in all situations.


  • More study options
  • Easy communication with fellow students
  • Insight into Dutch culture
  • Better perspective on the labor market
  • Participate fully in the Netherlands

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Practical information


In four consecutive courses the student is trained to become a so-called "independent language user", which means that in the vast majority of cases someone does not experience any problems communicating in Dutch.

For whom

The course is intended for foreign students at HBO programs or universities and for those who want to become one.

Course structure

The complete curriculum, which trains up to level B2, consists of four separate courses. These are always composed of modules and lessons, with a topic always central. Thus words and sentences are always offered in context. The topics are chosen so that the words offered can be used directly in practice.

Study method and guidance

The course is online, with the guidance of an involved teacher. The lessons include lesson videos and a rich range of online teaching methods. There is contact with the teacher via the interactive lessons, where speaking is mainly practiced.

Study duration and conclusion

Each course can be completed in three months, so that the student reaches level B2 after one year. A Proof of Participation can be provided if the result is sufficient. The courses B1 and B2 can also be concluded with the NT2 State Exam Program I or II.

- You don't have to do it alone. The course is given and supervised by involved Dutch teachers.
- All material is available 24/7 and can be consulted as often as you wish.
- The course includes video lessons and interactive lessons where there is direct contact with a teacher.
- You can start at your own level at any time.
- You determine your own study pace.

What does the course look like?

  • Interactive lessons by an involved teacher
  • Built around themes that tie in with everyday life
  • Plenty of practice material
  • All curriculum directly applicable in practice

What we Offer

  • Online course (if desired with lessons on location)
  • Intensive course from A1 to B2
  • To level B2 within a year
  • Start whenever you want
  • Study possible 24/7

Extra options


An intensive course that allows you to reach language level B2 in one year - and with it access to more training opportunities and the Dutch labor market


The guidance is provided by teachers who are personally involved in the learning process and know exactly where the problems of the Dutch language lie.


Because the curriculum is offered entirely online, you are not bound to a fixed study moment for your studies. This makes the course easy to fit into your busy life.


The course material is built around themes from daily practice. You will not only learn to speak the Dutch language, but you will also learn more about the ins and outs of the Netherlands.