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Integration from abroad

Whoever wants to join his or her partner in the Netherlands from abroad, or wants to come and work as a spiritual carer in the Netherlands, must have passed the Civic Integration Examination in advance. It can be tough to learn to master the material without supervision, but Dutch teachers are scarce abroad. Our online course is specially designed for those students who would like some extra support.



- Mandatory for those who want to join their partner from abroad in the Netherlands
- Mandatory for spiritual caregivers from abroad

What we offer

  • Online course
  • Focused on passing the Civic Integration Examination
  • Start whenever you want
  • tudy possible 24/7

What does the course look like?

- Interactive lessons by an involved teacher
- Three language modules
- A separate module Knowledge Dutch Society
- Plenty of practice material

Practical information


The Civic Integration Examination consists of three parts: Knowledge of Dutch Society, speaking and reading skills. The course focuses on these three components.

For whom
The course is intended for those who are obliged to take the Civic Integration Examination Abroad from abroad.

Course structure
The course consists of four modules: three language modules and a module Knowledge Dutch Society. The modules are aimed at passing the Civic Integration Examination Basic.

Study method and guidance
The course is online, with the guidance of an involved teacher. The lessons include lesson videos and a rich range of online teaching methods. There is contact with the teacher via the interactive lessons, where speaking is mainly practiced.

Study duration and conclusion
The course lasts three months. The Civic Integration Examination is taken at an embassy or consulate in the country where the student lives.

The benefits at a glance
- You don't have to do it alone. The course is given and supervised by involved Dutch teachers.
- All material is available 24/7 and can be consulted as often as you wish.
- The course includes video lessons and interactive lessons where there is direct contact with a teacher.
- The course focuses on obtaining the Civic Integration Examination.

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A short, intensive online course that covers the basics of the Dutch language so that you can take the Basic Civic Integration Examination, or a one-year course to reach level B2, anything is possible.


The guidance is provided by teachers who are personally involved in the learning process and know exactly where the problems of the Dutch language lie.


Because the curriculum is offered entirely online, you are not bound to a fixed location for your studies. After a move you do not have to look for a new language school, you can continue without a study delay.


The course material is built around themes from daily practice. In this way you not only learn to speak the Dutch language, but you also learn more about the ins and outs of the Netherlands.