Dutch for individuals

Dutch for individuals

Do you live in the Netherlands, but don't have sufficient command of the language to fully participate? Our courses can be adapted for all your learning objectives - from being able to participate in relaxed barbecues to writing formal Dutch letters.


  • Increase independence
  • Strengthens commitment
  • Makes less vulnerable
  • Gives freedom
  • More employment opportunities
  • More training options

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Practical information


We offer tailor-made course options for anyone who wants to learn Dutch as an individual or in a self-assembled group, from literacy courses up to and including level B2. All the knowledge you acquire is directly applicable in daily practice, of course depending on the level.

For whom

The courses are intended for anyone who lives or is going to live in the Netherlands and wants to master the Dutch language (better), even for those who are not subject to integration.

Course structure

The exact interpretation of course depends on the chosen course level and the desired course type. For the (standard) online courses it applies that they are made up of modules and lessons, in which each subject is central. In this way words and sentences are always taught in context. The topics are chosen so that the words offered can be used directly in everyday practice.

Study method and guidance

The courses can be taken both online and offline. Also in the online variant, there is a teacher involved who guides the student throughout the course.
Each lesson consists of lesson videos and a rich range of online teaching methods. Contact with the teacher is via interactive lessons. When needed, an interpreter is available.

Study duration and conclusion

The study duration depends on the chosen form and the desired final level. With the online courses it is possible to achieve level B2 within a year, and thus become a completely independent language user. If the study result is sufficient, the student will receive a Certificate of Participation after completion. Students who study at B1 or B2 level can complete the study with a NT2 State Exam (Program I or II).

The benefits at a glance

- Learn to master the Dutch language quickly and effectively in the way you want
- Course can be adjusted for you
- All the material is online, so flexible study is possible
- All course material available 24/7 throughout the year
- Personal, involved teacher guides the student through the entire process
- Unique blended learning system: remotely, not with distance
- Studying abroad as a preparation for living in the Netherlands is possible

What do the courses look like?

  • Interactive lessons by an involved teacher
  • Focused on practice: living and living in the Netherlands
  • Focus on reading, listening and speaking

What we Offer

  • Intensive (online) courses at any desired level
  • Inflow into a group at your level
  • Private lessons possible
  • Class lessons possible
  • Dutch in one week (five days of lessons)
  • Tailor-made course for a group that you put together yourself


A short, intensive online course that covers the basics of the Dutch language or a one-year trajectory to reach level B2, anything is possible


The guidance is provided by teachers who are personally involved in the learning process and know exactly where the problems are


If you have specific wishes for the curriculum or course type, please contact us. We can tailor a lot for you.


The course material is built around themes from daily practice. This way you not only learn to speak the Dutch language, but you also come